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Snunch 'n Crunch
Snunch = A Snack and A Lunch.
Crunch = Tighten Muscles while Breathing In, Relax Muscles, while Breathing Out.

30 Seconds Intense Exercise, Then 4 Minutes Slow Pedalling (or ?) x 7 x 3x per week!
Learn More: High Intensity Interval Training

Keep Snunch 'n Crunch Quick, Easy, Simple.

A Good Snack = a banana, an apple, etc.
A Good Lunch = Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Fish, Whole Grains, etc.
A Good Supper = Fresh Vegetables, especially fresh romaine and dandelion greens.
A Snunch =
1,2,3 Ingredients ONLY.
New Snunch = Humus & Puffed Rice Cereal...
Crunch To Rid A Bunch.
60 Second Crunches
Note: Breathing Exercises - Breathe in to the count of 3.
Hold to the count of 12. Breathe out to the count of 6.
(approx. 20 mins. after your Snunch), etc.
(count to sixty or multiples of...(or less if need be)...15, 30, 45 )
*Crunch = Move Muscles.
via lifting.
..body weight and dumbell, etc. weight.
via stretching. via rotations.

1. Short Squat = Arms folded. Feet shoulder width apart.
Lower knees to cover feet. Slowly rise to beginning position.
Feet Hurt?
Roll 5 mins or less daily
Use tennis/golf balls.
(Health problems? Check with your Health Care Provider 1st.)
Tiny Budget Good Foods
Beans, Beef (ground), Cabbage, Carrots, Cheese, Eggs,
Miilk, Nuts, Potatoes, Prunes,
Raisins, Rice, Seeds, Soups (homemade), Tomatoes (canned), other furits & vegetables, especially fresh and raw, as green.

Snunch 'n Crunch

Snunch A Snack Lunch.
Crunch* To Rid A Bunch.
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(Health problems? Check with your Health Care Provider.)