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Snunch = A Snack Lunch
Dr. Vita Min Cal:  
  1. Eats Whole Foods & Drinks Water
2. Relaxes in the Sun. 
Sue Fitbod 
3. Crunches/POP Moves
 Tighten then Relax Muscles (abdominals, arm, leg) 

Dr. Vita MinCal Keeps Snunches Quick, Easy, Simple.

  Snack = Fruits, Seeds, Nuts, etc.
Lunch = Nuts, Seeds, Eggs, Beans, Good Fish/Beef/Chicken, Whole Grains, etc.
   Supper = Fresh Vegetables, include  greens.
                       Sue Fitbod  
               Do A Bunch                        1-6 Second Moves                                                  Not Over 60 x
Crunch/POP = Contract/Relax Muscles.
     Breathe in. Breathe out. -to move lung muscles-
Sue Fitbod Moves to the count of from 1 to 60. Never over 60.
squeeze/release muscle groups...hands, feet, arms, legs, abdominals. Add a Move sway/dip, stretch. rotate. (ankles, knees, wrists, arms, waist). use resistance bands.
   1-6 Second Moves
   1. Natural or Polish Stepper - While standing - raise 1 heel, drop to floor, (Note: you may have to hold onto a chair or use other assistance.) 
 repeat with other heel.
2. Walk (or jog.) in place. 
2.Short Squat = Arms folded. Feet shoulder width apart.
Lower knees to cover feet. Slowly rise to beginning position.
Sitting Roll to the count of from 1 to 60 or less 
Use tennis/golf balls or Foot Roller.
Dr. Vita MinCal's
Tiny Budget Good Foods
Beans, Beef, Cabbage, Carrots, Cheese, Eggs,
Milk, Nuts, Potatoes, Prunes,
Raisins (other fruits), Rice, Seeds, Soups (homemade), Tomatoes (fresh/canned), Vegetables, especially fresh and raw.
Eat for LIFE.

Snunch 'n Crunch

Dr. Vita MinCal Snunches A Snack Lunch.
Sue Fitbod Crunches To Rid A Bunch.
The Longevity Bar has risen...from 120 to 140-150, even to 200
                     We fall way short. God willing we can lengthen life by good practices.
Polish Nanny Recipe for Life More Abundantly
Cut Out, Cut Back, Cut Down
Jobs/Projects: = Cut Out, Cut Back, Cut Down 

Housing:  Efficiency: =  Cut Out, Cut Back, Cut Down - See

Clothing:  Cut Out, Cut Back, Cut Down
Dr. Vita MinCal’s Nourishment Recap:

Water: = ½ weight in oz.

Food: =     
      1. Water
               2. Natural Foods (Especially Fresh & Dried)
               3. Whole Foods
               4. Vitamin C Foods/Supplementation. Easy on Fruits
               5. Greens & Tomatoes
               6. Sprouts
               7. Minerals (from flesh/plant foods)
               8. Spices
Other: =
    1. Essential Oils
    2. Adequate Rest.
3. Relaxation:Whole Tone Music Think: Gregorian Chant, visit
   Attention to Soul, I.e., God = Pray More, etc., Family Neighbors, Associates, & Frivolous (I.e, Entertainment) activities. 
    4. Avoid Toxins as Phthalates (say thalates) in plastic.) 
Dr. Vita MinCal's Food/Relax & Sue Fitbod’s Move Influencers: = Dr. Mercola’s ( & Rev. Malkmus (hallelujah, et al. Many, Many others.

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